Al’s Attic Ladders specialise in Velux roof window replacement. If you have an older Velux model from the 80’s or 90’s you may be considering replacing it with a new generation Velux window. New generation Velux windows are constructed using Velux Thermo Technology, giving you the comfort of a high performance window with a high U-value. Al’s attic ladders specialise in removing old Velux windows and replacing them with the current available model which is the exact same size.

Frequently we are asked to replace bathroom windows with a new electric or solar operated Velux Integra window, especially that Velux operating cords are no longer permitted due to safety regulations. Velux windows can be replaced from inside the building, even when located up a shaft or tunnel, thus keeping costs down. Alternatively your Velux roof window can be fitted from the outside using scaffolding.

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Certified Velux Installers
Certified Velux Installers

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