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Attic-Flooring-100 ft²

Attic Flooring 100 ft²


If you are looking to floor an area of your attic 100 sq ft (about the size of an average bedroom in a modern house) this option may work for you.

Velux-integra-dark-roomCertified Velux Installers

Velux For Dark Rooms

From: 2,300.00

This service is for adding light to dark areas of a room. The service is for supply and fit of Velux windows, carpentry work and plastering and ready for painting.

Velux ReplacmentCertified Velux Installers

Velux Window Repalcements


Have you considered the advantage of upgrading your existing Velux roof windows, to New Generation Velux windows with window insulation U-values as low as 0.83 W/m2K. Low energy glazing provides reduced heat loss. Als attic Ladders are certified Velux installers.

The Glide Away Attic LadderThe Glide Away-pic-2

The Glide Away Attic Ladder

From: 240.00
Fitted Price!The Glide Away is in our opinion the best aluminium attic ladder ever made! so good it comes with an amazing 25 year manufacturer’s Guarantee
Timber Folding Attic StairsFolding-Attic-Stairs-pic-2

Folding Attic Stairs

From: 450.00

The Wooden Folding Attic Stairs now comes complete with a handrail, the price includes extending the existing attic opening (for new openings add €50). This product has an insulated trapdoor and draft exclude built in, giving an excellent insulation value and comes complete with a safety handrail


Attic Pack 1

From: 570.00

Start using your attic for storage with Al’s Attic Pack 1. Includes an attic ladder, flooring and light you’ll be ready start storing straight away.


Attic Pack 2

From: 599.00

With Attic Pack 2 comes a heavier duty Attic Ladder than Attic Pack 1. Also 60 sq ft of Heavy Duty attic flooring and 1 attic light. You’ll be ready to start storing straight away


Attic Pack 3

From: 825.00

Attic storage solution 3 comes with a wooden folding attic stairs, 60 sq ft of attic flooring, attic access hatch is enlarged and an attic light.


Gold Star Folding Attic Stairs

From: 650.00

The Goldstar folding attic stairs in designed to prevent heat loss, it comes with 50 mm of insulation on the trapdoor giving a U-value of 0,64 W/m² C. It comes with double draught exclude.


The Delight Attic Ladder


This is a heavy duty industrial attic ladder suitable for either domestic or commercial use. The Delight ladder is useful for high ceilings or very heavy use. Comes with 2 handrails and is spring assisted.

Attic Flooring by Al's Attic Ladders

Attic Flooring 150 ft²


If you already have an attic ladder and need to floor an area of your attic 150 sq ft (about the area of a medium to large bedroom in a modern house) this option could be for you

Velux-Replacment-Pic-4Certified Velux Installers

Velux Bathroom Replacements

From: 1,400.00

Special replacement service for Velux windows located in bathrooms.  Is you bathroom Velux window located in a shoot/tunnel and difficult to open and close, perhaps the operating cord is broken. Your Velux window may even be damaged from constant moisture.


The Star 4 Attic Ladder


The Star 4 is an industrial rated very heavy duty attic stairs for very high ceilings, ideal for maintenance service rooms, old houses with high ceilings and shops alike.


The Star 5 Attic Ladder


The Star 5 is an industrial rated very heavy duty attic stairs for very high ceilings (12ft -3.650 metres floor to floor)  ideal for maintenance service rooms, old houses with high ceilings and retail units alike.