At Al’s Attic Ladders we specialise in fitting roof windows, fitting roof windows to new houses is very straight-forward but to existing roofs its very different and requires years of experience to perfect. At Al’s Attic Ladders fitting Velux roof windows or indeed other brands of roof windows to existing tiled roofs is relatively easy compared to flat stone slated roofs. Blue Bangor of Spanish stone slates are good examples of slated roof cladding that you would typically find in Ireland or the UK . With tiled roofs the tiles can be easily removed and replaced around the new window being fitted, but not so in a stone slated roof, you would need to rip the slates from the ridge (top of roof) down to below the bottom of the window line, which is an option, but not a viable one.

At Al’s Attic Ladders we use special equipment to cut the roof open to the size of the window being fitted and successfully install the roof window or replacement roof window This method is viable and much faster and neater. It requires great skill from the fitter, the end result should look as though the windows were always there, without blemishes to the roof and existing stone slates.

We have fitted such windows in Ireland, England and the Netherlands. We offer this service for conservation projects and family dwellings alike. Below a typical stone slated roof.

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