The Glide Away +

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Similar To the Glide Away but comes with;

  • A superior flat step with sharp grip.
  • More robust, steadier under load.
  • Reaches a higher floor to floor distance.
  • Much sturdier and solid under load
  • Ideal for timber floors, with flat plastic feet

The Glide Away Plus+ attic ladder is similar to the Glide Away but comes with 3 sections designed to reach high ceilings (up to 3 Metres 9’10”) and is a heavier duty ladder. The Glide Away Plus+ loft ladder will fit into a standard opening size, the existing trapdoor is converted over so as it opens down on hinges and a latch is fitted. The Glide Away Plus+ comes complete with a handrail, a pole to operate the ladder and trapdoor latch. Safe and easy to use and has a max weight load of 320 lbs or 150 Kg Minimum attic hatch size. 51 x 43 cm. Minimum overhead space required 70 cm. Storage space 1.2 metres from the joist, forward. Fitted in 2 hours


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Glide Away + Attic Ladder, Extend Existing Opening, New Relocated Opening, Insulate Attic Opening