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The Glide Away Attic LadderThe Glide Away-pic-2

The Glide Away Attic Ladder

From: 240.00
Fitted Price!The Glide Away is in our opinion the best aluminium attic ladder ever made! so good it comes with an amazing 25 year manufacturer’s Guarantee

Attic Pack 2

From: 599.00

With Attic Pack 2 comes a heavier duty Attic Ladder than Attic Pack 1. Also 60 sq ft of Heavy Duty attic flooring and 1 attic light. You’ll be ready to start storing straight away


Attic Pack 3

From: 825.00

Attic storage solution 3 comes with a wooden folding attic stairs, 60 sq ft of attic flooring, attic access hatch is enlarged and an attic light.

Velux-Replacment-Pic-4Certified Velux Installers

Velux Bathroom Replacements

From: 1,400.00

Special replacement service for Velux windows located in bathrooms.  Is you bathroom Velux window located in a shoot/tunnel and difficult to open and close, perhaps the operating cord is broken. Your Velux window may even be damaged from constant moisture.