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Category: Attic Storage Solutions

Choose from one of our attic storage solution packages and start using your attic for storage straight-away. Attic packages include an attic ladder, some attic flooring and an LED attic sensor light. All professionally fitted at great prices. You can add extra attic flooring or modify the packages to suit your needs.

Free up wardrobe space and under-bed space by having Al’s Attic Ladders install an  Attic Pack 1, 2 or 3. All packs come with different ladders, choose one that best suits your needs.  Fitted on the same day so you can start using your attic storage area straight-away.

When you convert your unused attic space to to a storage area it frees up clutter from most rooms in your house, it creates an ambience that perhaps you didn’t have before, giving a more relaxed atmosphere to your home.  You basically have the use of another room, a room for all the miscellaneous items in your home. Why not create that perfect attic storage space with one of Al’s Attic Storage solutions. We offer the options of adding a small Velux window or shelving to your attic, to tailor-make that perfect storage space. Perhaps even a small office space ideal for working from home.

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