Aluminium Attic Ladder Vs Timber Folding Stairs

10/05/2015 Al’s attic ladders probably the most frequent question that we are asked on a daily basis is what are the advantages of the more expensive folding timber attic stairs compared to the cheaper aluminium type attic ladders such as the Glide Away? To help you make your mind up first we should look at what would actually fit your loft and then consider the ladder type

Typical Attic Flooring


Perhaps you have decided to start using your attic for storage, or perhaps you've decided to upgrade your existing attic storage space? If you already have an attic stairs and attic lighting you are probably looking at upgrading your attic flooring space and perhaps even your attic insulation or adding a Velux roof window. In this article are photographs of a typical modern attic before and after flooring and a attic ladder is fitted.  In this article you can see photographs of the various stages being applied by one of our skilled tradesmen.

Roof Windows fitted to Natural Stone Slates


At Al's Attic Ladders we specialise in fitting roof windows, fitting roof windows to new houses is very straight-forward but to existing roofs its very different and requires years of experience to perfect. At Al's Attic Ladders fitting Velux roof windows or indeed other brands of roof windows to existing tiled roofs is relatively easy compared to flat stone slated roofs. Blue Bangor of Spanish stone slates are good examples of slated roof cladding that you would typically find in Ireland or the

Attic Flooring


Attic flooring by the experts.

Your attic has probably the largest potential storage space in your house most people dismiss the idea of using their attic simply because they have no easy access in the first place.

Let’s start with the idea of using your attic for storage, first you need safe and easy access to your attic which means, you need a folding attic stairs or an attic ladder, next you need good lighting, then comes a large floor area and perhaps even a roof window for daylight and good ventilation.

Flooring the attic is perhaps the most daunting task

Add Some Natural Light to your Kitchen


Add Natural light to your kitchen.

In modern houses kitchens and not just places to cook they have become a communal room perhaps with a dining area or a recreation area for the family. Too often kitchens lack natural light and can be quite drab and depend on artificial light; Adding natural light too your kitchen will enhance the overall look and feel of the room

Attic Storage Solutions for You!


What makes an attic the perfect storage place in any house is it that the structure is already in place, the roof, the floor joists and access, but most importantly attics are dry and well ventilated, which means the items that you store in your attic don’t become damp and mouldy the way that they might in a garden shed or other out-buildings. Most attics are unused for storage mainly because of the difficulty accessing the attic in the first place. At Al’s attic ladders we specialise in attic storage solutions, attic rooms, roof windows, access ladders and dormers, we can convert your attic to a full habitable room or a really nice storage area.  

This article is mainly about

Velux Replacements


Al's Attic Ladders specialise in Velux window replacement. If you have an older Velux model from the 80's or 90's you may be considering replacing it with a new generation Velux window. New generation Velux windows are constructed using Velux Thermo Technology

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