Attic Flooring

Al's attic ladders offer a professional attic flooring fitting service, for complete attics to be floored to the highest standard. For small areas of attic flooring please see our attic storage solutions onetwo and three. We supply and fit your full attic floor, normally to within 50 cm of the eves, its important to leave a good ventilation area near the eves, this helps prevent molds and mildew building up,  leading to dry rot in your attic. The process of fitting your attic flooring is first to run a series of batons across your attic joists, this raises the new floor level over most pipes and wires and also provides a cavity for extra attic insulation if required. The batons are screwed down to your existing attic joists and packed where necessary in order to produce a reasonable level structure. The flooring is then placed on top of the batons and screwed down, we don't use nails. The material that we use is white deal batons and the flooring material depends on your attic type and attic access size, but plywood OSB or equivalent is used for large areas of floor. The cost of attic flooring with this service is €4 per square foot supplied and fitted or €40 per sq metre, the minimum area with this service is 150 sq ft or 15 metres sq. Smaller areas are available with our attic packs.  Al's Attic Ladders we are fully insured. We also offer an attic insulation service using earth wool attic insulation. 

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