Attic Storage Solutions for You!

What makes an attic the perfect storage place in any house is it that the structure is already in place, the roof, the floor joists and access, but most importantly attics are dry and well ventilated, which means the items that you store in your attic don’t become damp and mouldy the way that they might in a garden shed or other out-buildings. Most attics are unused for storage mainly because of the difficulty accessing the attic in the first place. At Al’s attic ladders we specialise in attic storage solutions, attic rooms, roof windows, access ladders and dormers, we can convert your attic to a full habitable room or a really nice storage area.

This article is mainly about utilising your attic for storage, the fact that the main structure is already in place makes most attics really affordable to utilise. At Al’s attic ladders we offer simple to more complex storage solutions, most people just want easy access to their attics by means of an attic stairs or loft ladder an electric light and a small floor area to store on, and that’s fine, and it’s cheap! For this type of storage solution we would recommend our attic storage solution 1, which includes a Glide Away attic ladder, electric lighting and 60 ft sq of flooring. Another simple storage solution is our attic storage solution 3, what’s the difference you might ask? Well the stairs mainly. With Al’s storage solution 3 you get a folding timber stairs, this actually gives you a much bigger opening into your attic, the stairs itself has a flat step and a nice rake or angle to walk up safely and comfortably with, it’s a very high quality product and comes with an insulated trapdoor, draught excluder, safety handrail and easy operation. Each storage solution has its own virtues and very often depends on the individual building layout. A site survey may be required.

Attic Pods are another storage solution option and are geared to truss type roof structures and are not suitable for all attics, basically “Attic Pods” are when the inner “A” area of the roof truss is lined with warm-board rigid insulation forming a wall, therefore sealing the attic area off from the rest of the attic, a Velux roof window is fitted giving light, and ventilation when required, a floor is put in place and of course a folding attic stairs is fitted. The Attic Pod is a cheap way of forming what could be classified as a small computer room or a storage area.

A full storage room is an option if you feel that you want the maximum from your attic space, in fact your attic is basically converted to a room, but without a full staircase, for this option a site inspection is definitely required. Please feel free to call us at Al’s attic ladders we have a wealth of knowledge in the building trade and attics are our specialty! We can arrange an inspection if required or choose from our range of competitive attic storage solutions.

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